I'm Elana Hopman, a calligrapher & invitation designer in metro detroit. it's lovely to meet you.

I'm also the owner of Annabel Reese, so it makes perfect sense that you'd find me here.

How It All Began

Back in 2008, when color-coded spreadsheets at my office job stopped being a sufficient creative outlet, I took my first calligraphy class and fell in love with this calming, meditative art. Calligraphy demands both perfection and artistry, so for a type-A creative like me, it's the ultimate combination. Soon enough, what began as a hobby became a business/dream job: I officially launched in 2014 as Lana's Lettering. 

Annabel & Reese

Fast forward to now, and both the business and its owner have evolved. I now offer full invitation design and printing, a line of greeting cards and countless calligraphy styles. I'm also a mom to two little women who truly embody what I want my company to represent. Annabel (the 4 year-old) and Reese (the 2 year-old) inspire me daily to love and work hard, create beautiful things to share with the world, and above all, to enjoy this life I've created. I changed my company name in the spring of 2018 to honor my greatest inspirations.

About Elana

After 10 years in New York City, where I attended college, met my husband, Bret, and worked for a variety of digital media companies, I moved back to my home state of Michigan. We settled in metro Detroit with two cats, a dog, and the girls. When I’m not spending time with my little family or designing your wedding invitations, you’ll find me reading a magazine (paper, of course!), sipping an iced latte or a glass of champagne, or wandering the aisles of my happy place, the Container Store.